May 11, 2016

Maddie's arthritis began at age 5 and from the beginning, presented itself as a flair here and a flair there, with months of perfectness in between. She is now 13 and this disease is changing shape. It's becoming more constant, more present in everyday life, or at least in every morning life. There's a stiff wrist here and a swollen toe there, a patch of psoriasis here and an ache there, nothing too terrible, nothing that keeps her from dancing ballet most of the time. We have to count our blessings though. Maddie's pain and swelling isn't bad enough or constant enough to start Methotrexate. She just keeps taking Diclofenac and that seems to do the trick for now. We are trying to delay the start of DMARDs for as long as possible. As it is, she has been seeing an Endocrinologist, or the "shortness doctor" as she calls him, for her lack of growth. She's not on the charts for height/weight and the arthritis could have something to do with that. We just don't want to add any new medication that could interfere with her body or growth. Maddie's learning how to use her disease to get what she wants, or doesn't want. She is always pain-free when it's time to go to dance classes, but has aches and pains when it's time for housework and chores. Funny how that works, isn't it?

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