September 03, 2015

I've been in a really good place this summer, so has Maddie. She's felt completely normal, not even the slightest twinge of enthesitis. And I have done remarkably well too. In Spring, we both got Strep Throat, the only ones in the family of course. Maddie's improved quickly. Mine took a lot longer. I was put on some strange antibiotic that wouldn't interfere with the methotrexate already in my system. Of course I stopped taking all arthritis meds to fight this infection. But, the moment the Strep left, bronchitis took its place. Oh how nasty that was. My body was too busy attacking the infection to bother with my joints, so I was glad about that. I knew I was getting better however, when my joints began to ache once again, so I shot up on Humira. I never did return to the MTX. I felt okay on just Humira and still do. I hope it lasts because I detest MTX and how it makes me feel. So for now, I'm seeing the illness as a blessing in disguise for getting me off the MTX. Here's hoping the Humira and Celebrex can get me through the winter. I have a rheumatology visit soon so we'll see if I get a lecture for stopping my medicine without a consultation.

Maddie saw a Pediatric Endocrinologist yesterday. The pediatrician is concerned that she's not growing (her height/weight is totally off the chart now). Juvenile Arthritis can stunt growth. Maddie gave several vials of blood, did a wrist x-ray, and now we wait and do another blood test in a few months to see if her growth hormone has been active. Apparently this is a long process. Just one more doctor to add to the list. Maddie is now on a weight-gain diet (weight precedes height in the growth process). So I've got two kids on weight-gain diets and a husband trying to lose weight. This ought to be interesting.

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