March 01, 2015

Maddie has had a 504 in place since 2011. Her teachers have always been very accommodating until now, middle school, 6th grade P.E. teacher. What does this teacher not understand about my request that Maddie not participate in the daily mile run, EVER? Running is hard on the joints, we all know that. I understand that some with arthritis are able to run, but I'm trying to preserve her 12-year-old joints for a lifetime of use. Is dancing ballet 12 hours a week not enough physical activity to keep her physically fit, totally in shape, toned, and muscular? Must we subject her joints to daily pounding on cement when she dances for hours a week on a spring-supported floor instead? I am working on filling out an Independent Study contract for P.E. Because she dances more than 10 hours a week she is eligible. I hope they accept her application so I can quit doing battle with the P.E. teacher. Every time I check Maddie's grades online, it shows Maddie having a B or C in P.E. due to lack of running. Seriously? Must I email the teacher this often to remind her of the 504 accommodations?

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