October 14, 2013

I took my son, Nicholas, to the pediatrician for tests. The pain that has been bothering him for months in his knees, heels, and lower back is now in his shoulders and hips. The lab took 7 vials of blood for tests, including the HLA-B27 antigen test of which Maddie and I are both positive. It's been 2 weeks and the doctor hasn't called me yet with the results. I tried to access his records online through our insurance company's fabulous website but apparently in the state of California it is against the law for a healthcare provider to allow parents to access medical records for a 12-17 year-old. Who knew that teenagers had special privacy rights? Never mind that I'm the one driving him to the doctor, paying the health insurance premiums, and buying his medicine. The only way I can get his test results is from his pediatrician. 

Maddie went in last week for her routine rheumatology appointment. All is well with her so I used our visit to ask the pediatric rheumatologist all sorts of questions relating to Nicholas. He told me to start giving my son Aleve, 2 pills, twice a day and if he notices improvement within 2-3 weeks then it is quite possibly arthritis. So far no improvement, but it's only been a week. I'm secretly hoping there isn't improvement so we can look to other causes for the pain, like growing pains. Nicholas has grown 6 inches in a year. The pediatrician said this very well could be the cause of his pain but due to family history we have got to rule out autoimmune disease.