August 01, 2013

I've been acting like a bully. After trying the Avara (leflunomide) for 4 months and NOTHING, I told the Rheumatologist I wanted MTX injections. I did my research, I told her, and it isn't on the FDA list of drug shortages anymore so I demanded to get that drug. She caved. How could she not? I'm sick and tired of the GI problems caused by these ridiculous poisonous drugs. Now I can get that ridiculous poisonous drug without the GI problems, I hope. What a roller coaster it has been trying to set up appointments to get these weekly shots. My insurance company won't allow me to self-inject. I don't know if it's a CA regulation or just my insurance company. My husband's currently on the search for that answer. I was under the impression I could go to any nurse's clinic to get these shots and there's a clinic a mile away. Not too bad, I thought. But then I discover that NO, I have to go to one of only three infusion centers owned by my insurance company, in all of San Diego County to get these shots. The closest center is 20 minutes away. 20+20+ the time it takes to park, check in, sit in the waiting room, and finally get the shot = an hour total. REALLY? Must I take an hour (plus gasoline plus wear and tear on my vehicle) out of my busy schedule every single week for a 15 second shot? My internet research shows many people self-injecting MTX so why can't I? Must patients always have to fight insurance companies? Shouldn't there be an easier way to healthcare?

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