July 15, 2013

My fingers hurt. I can't play the piano, not for long anyway. The cold winter weather usually makes me hurt but my SED rate is up even though it's hot out side. Overall I've been feeling okay but this inflammation in my fingers is ridiculous. I want to trash the Avara and get back on the methotrexate but I refuse to do the pills as they bring on the GI issues. I did a little research and found that liquid MTX is no longer on the government list of drug shortages so when I go to the Rheumatologist next week I'm letting her know I'd like to get the MTX injections and I want no more excuses.

We went to the county fair and bought orthopedic inserts. Maddie has loved hers but me, not so much. It bugs me that these so-called foot specialists don't know the difference between plantar fascitis and enthesitis. My right foot is inflamed and the insert makes it hurt even worse. I was assured that it would make my feet feel better. Well it doesn't.

I went horseback riding on Saturday. Apparently arthritis and horseback riding don't mix. Today I've got arthritis pains and I'm walking like a cowboy. What a picture.