January 12, 2013

It has spread. Maddie now has two sausage toes, a swollen hand, and stiff knees to go along with her arthritic ankle. We started her on Prednisone yesterday. Poor girl.

January 01, 2013

Christmastime is stressful. The last 2 Decembers I went on prednisone for a couple of weeks to get me through the holidays. This year was no different except I did it without doctor approval, oops. I was out of my prescription so I have been using Maddie's prednisone pills from a prescription that we filled months ago. Her rheumatologist wanted us to have the pills with us in case of a flair during our big summer trip. With the constant rain, cold, and stress this season brings I knew I couldn't get through the holidays without some extra help. For a few days with prednisone I felt normal, free of pain, free from fatigue, like my old self. And that's how I got Christmas ready for my family of 6, how I got through my December musical performances, student piano recitals, working back stage at my girls' performances of the Nutcracker ballet, and even completed a bit of holiday baking. 

Maddie was supposedly in a "remission" having gone 7 months without a flair. Yea right. Last week she woke up with a stiff and swollen ankle. Classic flair. So far it's just been this one joint which is good because with multiple joint flairs I'm supposed to give her prednisone, the exact pills I've been taking for myself. Big oops! For now we are giving her naproxen and hoping her flair doesn't worsen. All fingers are crossed.