August 14, 2012

I've sort of been out of commission since starting a new anti-inflammatory, Indomethacin. This was to replace the Meloxicam which wasn't strong enough to deal with the enthesitis in my heels. I tried this new NSAID for a couple of weeks and it was a failure. I experienced almost all of the side effects possible. And to top it off I was in a fog the whole time, experiencing memory loss and lapses, very dangerous when you're trying to take care of children. I sat at the gas station and cried one day because I couldn't remember how to open the gas cap and fill up the car with gas, a car I've had for 10 years. Very scary! So, I'm off that and the doctor sent in a prescription for Meloxicam which I pick up today. Sometimes pain is better than the alternative. 

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Lana said...

Brain fog can be pretty scary. I am sorry you had this experience. It has happened to be more times than I care to admit. Hopefully, you and your doctor can find something to better treat the enthesitis. Gentle hugs to you.