April 26, 2012

We filled Maddie's prescription and she continues to take Naproxen. Her flair is getting worse. Yesterday she woke up and the entire right side of her body was hurting, knee, wrist, etc. She couldn't walk or hold a pencil to write. That's not good since the California Achievement Testing is still going on. Because we have a 504 plan in place, her teacher was going to sit next to her during the test and bubble in the answers Maddie gave her. But, once they started they both realized that since it was math testing Maddie needed to be able to figure out the problems on scratch paper. The teacher couldn't help her with that. So, no testing yesterday. She'll have to do make-up testing another day. The medicine helped her so that by the afternoon she was able to attend her violin lesson. One good thing about the right hand being inflamed is that it only has to hold the bow. On the violin, it's the left hand fingers that have to do all the really hard work.

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