April 20, 2012

Maddie saw her Rheumatologist at Children's Hospital today and now I'm in a huge battle with my insurance company. They don't want to cover her prescription for Naproxen suspension (liquid). Apparently as of this January it is no longer on the Formulary list (meds covered by our insurance). Seriously? It's the staple anti-inflammatory drug for arthritis! There is really no alternative for children. The pharmacist suggested Advil, so ridiculous. If Advil worked why would we be needing a prescription medication? I spent an hour and a half on the phone, sending emails and leaving messages for her pediatrician, the pharmacy, member services for my insurance company. Maddie's Rheumatologist said we could switch to liquid Meloxicam but apparently it is unavailable in the US at this time. My insurance company has no problems covering my $2000/month Enbrel prescription but can't handle a $90/month liquid anti-inflammatory for a little girl. It's outrageous!

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