February 22, 2012

It's over, my flair up, and I feel great. I think my short trip to San Francisco helped me feel better. I was able to have fun with my girls, once Maddie's competition was over, and forget about all the worries of day to day life. My kids are out of school this week so I took the week off teaching too. I am amazed at how stress influences my arthritis. This week I'm stress free and my arthritis is reacting accordingly. By the way, Maddie won 2nd place in her piano competition. She performed with perfection and artistry.

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Helen said...

I'm glad you're feeling so much better, and that you got to enjoy some travelling, too!

I have also found that stress really affects my arthritis. It makes a real difference when you're able to take time to care for yourself and to try and minimize anxiety in your life.

I hope you keep feeling great!