February 06, 2012

I'm experiencing an arthritis flair that started a couple of weeks ago with the rain. So the rain came and went but the arthritis pain never went and I just heard more rain is in the forecast. I've sleeping longer at night and the pain in all my joints is intense upon waking. At age 38, I'm like an old woman waddling around the house. My appetite has diminished. I make myself do an hour or so of housework each day, someone has to get the laundry and dishes done, but the housework exhausts me. Thank heavens for my laptop which helps me feel productive when it hurts to move. I'm able to teach my piano students each afternoon, but I can't play the piano very well because my fingers are lethargic. After lessons I hobble to the sofa to curl up next to the warm fire. I think the flair is winding down because I haven't had as much pain upon waking the past two days. 

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