February 22, 2012

It's over, my flair up, and I feel great. I think my short trip to San Francisco helped me feel better. I was able to have fun with my girls, once Maddie's competition was over, and forget about all the worries of day to day life. My kids are out of school this week so I took the week off teaching too. I am amazed at how stress influences my arthritis. This week I'm stress free and my arthritis is reacting accordingly. By the way, Maddie won 2nd place in her piano competition. She performed with perfection and artistry.

February 12, 2012

My arthritis has made me feel so conflicted politically. I have always been conservative, both fiscally and socially. The presidential primary candidates are currently slamming Obama's healthcare plan. Don't get me wrong, I was angry about national healthcare. I don't want America to turn into Europe. I want continued and easy access to my arthritis meds and my rheumatologist. My friends in Great Britain don't have that. However, I want to never lose access to my private health insurance. My disease costs about $30,000 a year to treat. If something were to happen to my husband and he were unable to work we would lose our insurance and no company would take us on because of Maddie's and my pre-existing conditions. Under Obama's plan insurance companies have to allow pre-existing conditions which means as a self-employeed person I can always buy insurance despite my arthritis. So here's my dilemma...
1. I despise the idea that we're heading toward socialized medicine and I believe we're being fiscally irresponsible assuming more debt to pay for it. 
2. I want assurance that I'll always be able to purchase private health insurance that will cover my arthritis meds.

February 07, 2012

Maddie is musically talented. She won 1st place in a local piano competition in December and goes on to compete at the state level, San Francisco, in a couple of weeks. I thank the Lord every day that the arthritis has not affected her fingers and wrists. THAT would be the real tragedy.

February 06, 2012

I'm experiencing an arthritis flair that started a couple of weeks ago with the rain. So the rain came and went but the arthritis pain never went and I just heard more rain is in the forecast. I've sleeping longer at night and the pain in all my joints is intense upon waking. At age 38, I'm like an old woman waddling around the house. My appetite has diminished. I make myself do an hour or so of housework each day, someone has to get the laundry and dishes done, but the housework exhausts me. Thank heavens for my laptop which helps me feel productive when it hurts to move. I'm able to teach my piano students each afternoon, but I can't play the piano very well because my fingers are lethargic. After lessons I hobble to the sofa to curl up next to the warm fire. I think the flair is winding down because I haven't had as much pain upon waking the past two days.