May 05, 2011

My sister has been having strange arthritis symptoms in addition to shooting pains in her left arm and leg. After weeks of visits with neurology specialists she was sent to a rheumatologist. Because of my diagnosis the doctor tested her for HLA-B27 and she was positive. We're not sure exactly what that means yet. She could have Reactive Arthritis or she could simply have a virus that is causing temporary joint inflammation.  She is in a lot of pain and it makes me sad for her. It is so strange that within the same year we are both discovering this gene and the arthritis that comes with it.

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tawnya said...

Holly - I've read through this today in awe. I'm so sorry for what you are dealing with. And, oddly, reading this, I felt as if I was reading my own thoughts. So much of our conditions are similar. And knowing that I know *JUST* a little of how you are feeling...well. I'm just so sorry you have to feel this at all.

You are an amazing woman. You really are.