May 28, 2011

It is so strange not having consistency. Why do I feel almost normal one day and the next I feel terrible pain? Sometimes I'll have differences within the same day. I can be walking around fine all day, then I stand up from the dinner table in the evening and my knees and hips decide to take a vacation making me walk like an old lady. I am a plan ahead type person, yet these days my plans have to include a "maybe" factor depending on how I feel when I wake up that morning.

This week I felt wonderful on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then it all changed when I woke up Thursday morning. My hands and fingers were swollen, unable to make a fist. I was in terrible pain. Friday was the same. Saturday morning, today, I received the Enbrel injection and with the exception of the exhaustion I feel on injection days, I feel a little better. I made it over to the church to practice the organ. One hour passed quickly. My fingers and ankles felt no pain. How sweet it is.

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