April 24, 2011

Maddie saw her Pediatric Rheumatologist at Rady Children's Hospital on Friday. We explained her recent flair and the persistent heel pain. Apparently this enthesitis, as it is called, is not uncommon in children with a B27 arthritis. It occurs due to inflammation of a muscle's tendon at its insertion site on bone. Maddie's heels start hurting after walking too much.  It is especially painful walking home from school. There isn't anything we can do for the pain, other than give her Naproxen. The doctor is sending us to the lab for lots of blood work including a DNA test. Maddie still hasn't been tested for HLA-B27. I requested that she get the test just so we know for sure if our arthritis is genetically linked.

April 16, 2011

I had an appointment yesterday with my Rheumatologist. I told her the Enbrel makes me feel 40-75% better, depending on the weather. She wants a 100% improvement so she is thinking about starting me on Methotrexate in addition to the Enbrel. We'll determine that at the next appointment based on my progress. My lab tests are all normal but the doctor is still able to feel inflammation in several joints. I told her the pain is manageable at this point, far from the intense (just let me die now) pain I felt a couple of months ago. I had gained weight, up to 110 now. Things are looking better.

April 10, 2011

I don't know what happened. This week I went back to feeling pain and stiffness. I wasn't able to play the piano. Okay, so it was raining off and on, but still, I had been doing so well. I find when I feel good I tend to do too much and get over-tired and sore the following day. But when household tasks are neglected it's hard not to jump in and get to work as fast as I can when I feel good. Restraint is not something I'm good at.

Maddie is doing better. Her knees, ankles and toes don't hurt anymore. She just has pain in her heels and I can't figure out if it's arthritis related or not. We see our rheumatologists in a week so we'll ask them about heels in our long list of questions.