February 13, 2011

Maddie and I both visited our eye doctors this month to get checked for iritis and uvitis. These can occur with both our arthritis types.  I have to see an Optometrist once or twice a year and Maddie sees a Pediatric Opthamologist every three months.  Okay, so we don't actually get there every three months.  In fact the Opthamologist gave us a little lecture because it had been six months since Maddie had been in for an exam. The truth is I can't get her in every three months because his schedule is always booked, and I mean always. The office staff says to call on Monday mornings to book an appointment for 2 months from that day.  This time I called at 9:30AM Monday morning and they were completely booked.  This is the game we play.  Then I tell the receptionist to squeeze her in because the orders are coming from Children's Hospital, blah, blah, blah.  She can't see another doctor because of our Kaiser insurance.  This is it...one Pediatric Opthamologist in all of San Diego County.  We just have to put up with it.

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