February 19, 2011

Maybe the Enbrel is working. I had very little stiffness this morning, just in my back. Joe gave me injection #3 which was less painful than the last two. Either he is getting better at giving shots or I'm toughening up.

I can't stop thinking about the Byron Janis story. He said his arthritis started with a red patch on his finger.  That is exactly how my arthritis started (different hand, different finger, same spot on the finger). Mine looked like a patch of psoriasis, which I had never had before, and it stayed for weeks.  When it finally disappeared in September 2010, the arthritis pain appeared. Doctors say it couldn't have been psoriasis because it doesn't appear on fingers.  

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Melanie said...

Hi Holly,

We have a family history of psoriasis. I had it on my knees as a child and teen. My dad has had it his whole life and he definitely has it on his hands and fingers.