January 27, 2011

I saw the Rheumatologist today. She told me she had a diagnosis for me: suronegative HLA-B27 positive inflammatory arthritis. That didn't sound like much of a diagnosis, more like a description. But I understand these things take time. The doctor was concerned about my back. The fact that the pain went away with the prednizone then returned once I was off it led her to believe I had Anklosing Spondylitis. Almost all AS patients are HLA-B27 positive. She said it was likely I had Psoriatic Arthritis and AS, a combination that is not uncommon. Well at least we know it isn't RA. And we have a possible genetic connection linking my arthritis to Maddie's. I bet if we tested her she would also be HLAB-27 positive. The doctor is taking me off Plaquenil, I wasn't tolerating it well anyway. I had two choices, to go the methotrexate/sulfasalazine route or the biologic route. The doctor recommended biologics because methotrexate won't work for AS and if I do have that we need to be really aggressive. I chose biologics so I start Enbrel next week.

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