December 03, 2010

Happy Birthday to me. I spent it at Children's Hospital with Maddie. Still unable to walk, I stuck her in a stroller that was way too small for her and wheeled her to the Rheumatologist.  She was supposed to be dancing in the Nutcracker this morning, outreach performances for school groups. Instead she was at the doctor. Her Pediatric Rheumatologist is fabulous.  He put her on prednisone right away and said he'd keep her on it for 5-6 weeks, weening her off slowly. If her arthritis was still bothering her after coming off the steroid he would put her on methotrexate. The doctor was very interested in my arthritis and was actually more helpful than my own Rheumatologist. He suspects Psoriatic Arthritis because that would be the type that could link our diseases.

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