December 23, 2010

The morning I stopped the Prednisone I collapsed on the floor and was in and out of consciousness.  My son called my husband at work and told him to come home quick.  I came to and had terrible stomach pain.  In the weeks before I  had been suffering from a lot of gas pain, possibly due to the Plaquenil.  A friend with RA advised me to start drinking Mylanta which helped tremendously.  I have to eat frequently and stay away from carbonated drinks or I’m in a lot of pain. 

December 19, 2010

When I was on the Prednisone I got my family room painted, Christmas shopping completed, house organized, etc.  I worked so hard knowing that once I went off I would be basically useless.   I still felt some pain on the Prednisone in my elbows and ankles, but not enough to slow me down completely.  I was back to sleeping 7 hours a night and I felt somewhat normal again.

December 17, 2010

Maddie is doing great, running, playing, skipping, and jumping. She is tolerating the steroid and Naproxen quite well.  We've noticed her already puffy cheeks getting more puffy.  We call her our little chipmunk. 

December 05, 2010

My in-laws are really upset that we allowed Maddie to be put on steroids. I mean, how could we do such an awful thing to a child? Too bad they live hundreds of miles away and weren't able to witness the discouraging sight of an 8-year-old crawling around the house because she was unable to walk.

December 04, 2010

Every hour I would evaluate Maddie's progress. Upon waking she still couldn't walk. At 2pm today (Saturday) Maddie could walk, dance, and do cartwheels. We think it's a miracle.  She started prednisone yesterday but the doctor said it wouldn't take full effect until Sunday or Monday. She danced in the Nutcracker tonight at the performing arts center and did a beautiful job.

December 03, 2010

Happy Birthday to me. I spent it at Children's Hospital with Maddie. Still unable to walk, I stuck her in a stroller that was way too small for her and wheeled her to the Rheumatologist.  She was supposed to be dancing in the Nutcracker this morning, outreach performances for school groups. Instead she was at the doctor. Her Pediatric Rheumatologist is fabulous.  He put her on prednisone right away and said he'd keep her on it for 5-6 weeks, weening her off slowly. If her arthritis was still bothering her after coming off the steroid he would put her on methotrexate. The doctor was very interested in my arthritis and was actually more helpful than my own Rheumatologist. He suspects Psoriatic Arthritis because that would be the type that could link our diseases.