November 22, 2010

This second Rheumatologist was so much better than the first.  First she chewed me out for switching doctors within the office and not seeing my Rheumatologist.  I told her I didn't like the first doctor I saw, she wasn't thorough, and I got the feeling she thought I was making the whole thing up.  Then this second Rheumatologist examined me and was very thorough, carefully feeling each joint in my body. She really didn't have a choice, she had to be thorough after how I had just badmouthed her colleague. My joints don't look swollen, but she discovered inflammation in several joints, not as many as were hurting, but at least she knew I wasn’t making up the pain.  She ordered more x-rays and blood work and prescribed Plaquenil and Prednisone, keeping me on the Meloxicam as well.  I made an appointment to see her two months later.

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