October 04, 2010

In early September, 2010, I was accompanying a church choir on the piano.  I remember being asked to play louder and I responded that I was already playing so loud that my fingers hurt.  That should have tipped me off right away.  My fingers shouldn’t hurt while playing.   I think they had started hurting weeks before but it was so gradual I didn’t even notice until late September.  I started having shooting pains coming from my right pinky knuckle when I played the piano, mainly when my hand was stretching to reach large intervals.  That’s when I got concerned.  I am a pianist and a piano teacher and it hurts to do my job.  Now both pinkies are in pain when I play.  I thought my pinky knuckles appeared larger but maybe that's my imagination.  My toes started hurting the other day when I wiggled them.  All my fingers hurt too.

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